Abstract Contemporary Art

Email: annike8@annangartgmail-com
Tel: 971-50-1048163

Artist Statement
Imaginative, intuitive and intrepid, I am a self taught abstract expressionist. My painting mediums
include acrylics, watercolors, pastels, oil bars, pens and in fact anything that can make a mark on
my canvas. Having decided later in life to make art my life’s work, I am here to explore the
frontiers of where I can take it. My works are innate expressions of the unspoken volumes within
us. Often time in abstracts, it is the thing that we can’t put a finger on that beckons, delights
and heals us. Shapes, lines, marks and colors speak to my interiority and those conversations are
what I endeavor to bring out on paper.

The theme of nature also runs strong through many of my works; intuitive and joyful interpretations
of nature inspired landscapes, flora and fauna. In showcasing the abundance and beauty of nature’s
gifts, I hope to highlight the importance of protecting the good earth for our children.

2018 Dec – 1 of 18 finalists in UAE National Day Art Competition organized by The National
2019 Nov – Artwork featured in Notions 3 artzine, Singapore
2021 Aug – Finalist in Splash 22 art competition organized by Artist Network (USA media network),
artwork published in “The Best of Watercolor” magazine, summer 2021 available in bookstores
2021 May – Received Highly Commended Award from International Water Colors Masters event to be held in UK May 2022.
2021 Oct – Collaborated with Biopak with my artwork featured on their biodegradable coffee cups for
worldwide distribution.

I have participated in several exhibitions in the UAE where I am based for the last 10 years.

– Invited to 2nd Women In Art exhibition, Dubai, UAE
– Juried International Online Art Collection “Call For Nature” exhibition online

– Juried lkouii’s “Small Works” exhibition, online
– Juried Indonesia International Watercolor competition and exhibition online